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    China Import & Export FairCN

    August 26-28, 2022


    Exhibition Introduction

    Exhibition Overview:
    Guangdong, known with the reputation of “Eating in Guangdong”, has a long history of food culture.  FLCE asia2022 Asia International Food Exhibition (referred to as "Asian Food Exhibition ") , bringing excellent food manufacturers, catering companies, importers and exporters, supermarkets, new retail enterprises, etc. together, will be held in Guangzhou, the core city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.
    South China is a major engine of China's economic growth, and Guangdong is the country's only 11 trillion-level city. The radiation power of the South China market includes not only Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi, Hainan, Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions, but also overseas markets in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Europe and the United States. Take Guangdong as an example: in 2019, Guangdong Province’s catering turnover was 430 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 11%. South China has strong consumption and huge demand for high-end ingredients and imported ingredients; in the future, ingredients will be the focus of Guangdong’s innovation,  and agriculture &food Innovation will be one of Guangdong's key strategic plans; the layout of South China has very important strategic value for international food ingredients brands to expand in China and overseas markets.

    FLCE asia2022 Asia International Food Exhibition will be held again at the China Import and Export Fair Complex on August 26-28, 2022, concurrently with the Guangzhou Fair. The exhibition focuses on the entire upstream and downstream food industrial chain, including food materials, processing equipment, packaging, food safety testing, cold chain technology, etc. At the same time, industry theme seminars and product promotion meetings, industry innovation and development summit forums will also be held for the exchange of industry frontier information and technology, to jointly explore the latest market trends and innovative solutions, and promote the establishment of partnerships!

    Exhibits Sector

    Show Scope:

    Livestock Meat: pork, beef, mutton, rabbit meat, etc,
    Poultry Meat: chicken, duck, goose, etc;
    poultry conditioning ingredients,poultry deep-processed food , etc;
    Animal Offals: heart, liver, lung, tripe, intestine, etc;
    Aquatic Products: fish, shrimp, shellfish, squid, crab and other seafood;
    Aquatic conditioning food and aquatic deep-processed food
    All kinds of frozen meatballs, frozen conditioning food, frozen / quick frozen food, etc;
    Vegetable and Fungus Ingredients: quick-frozen vegetables, organic vegetables, vegetable preparation ingredients, pre-packaged vegetables and various edible fungi, etc.;
    Hot Pot Ingredients: hot pot ingredients shabu, hot pot base materials, condiments, food additives;
    Food Equipments: food processing equipment, food processing machinery, packaging equipment, packaging materials, meat slaughtering and processing equipment, livestock / poultry / fish deep processing equipment, central kitchen equipment, sterilization equipment, weighing / labeling / inkjet equipment, warehousing logistics and cold chain equipment;
    Food Safety Detection and Traceability Techniques:
    Metal detectors, X ray detectors, machine vision detection systems, traceability systems, traceability and solutions; food safety rapid detection instrument, laboratory instruments, electronic labels, certification consultations, etc.

    Guangzhou Coldchain Industry Association
    OSD Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
    Guangzhou BOYI Global Exhibition Co.,Ltd

    OSD Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
    Guangzhou BOYI Global Exhibition Co.,Ltd

    Move-in time
    August  24-25,2022
    Show time
    August 26-28, 2022
    ChinaImport & Export(Canton Fair) Complex

    Contact US:
    OSD Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
    Tel:+86 20 3889 6896
    Fax:+86 20 3868 1916


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